God's Closet

God's closet is a ministry of Adventist Community Services that engages Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout North America in services to their communities. The basis of this service ministry consists of a donation network whereby individuals, families and businesses are invited to donate gently used and new children’s clothing at any time throughout the year to God’s Closet. Then, one day per quarter God’s Closet will open for parents and guardians of children to come ‘shop’ free of charge, with the exception of a small admission fee – usually $1.00, from our selection of donated supplies.


God’s Closet offers clothes for children from newborn to teenager. There are no requirements to receive donations from God’s Closet. If you are a family in need of clothes for your little ones, we invite you to join us for our Free Shop-day Event where you can take “free of charge” clothes for your children.

Please check our Upcoming Events page.

We are always in need of donated clothing. If you would like to help and be a blessing to a family in need by donating your gently used children’s clothes and shoes, please contact us via the form below. We need all the help we can get!

God’s Closet cannot exist without your donations.

Volunteers are always welcome too!

You may also contact our God's Closet Coordinator:

Name: Linda Green

Phone: 856-332-2349

Email: linda@godscloset.com